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Thrifty Car and Van Rental have been causing some amusement on the cam.misc news group this week. Their web site includes short descriptions of the towns from which to might want to hire cars.  read more ...


... was my reaction on coming across this huge panda which currently is standing outside the front door of Borders in Cambridge...  read more ...


Today's Dilbert is great. The first frame is complete in itself really. Which reminds me. We think we've discovered one of the fundamental rules of the Internet:  read more ...


My brain has been thoroughly borked today so rather than me wibbling I shall abuse a fellow blogger's hard work ...  read more ...


... I am in touch with my feminine side.                                                


Hobson Street in Cambridge is closed at the moment for emergency repairs after a sewer collapse. However the goods news is ...  read more ...


We went to the Wrestlers for lunch today, which was a struggle as I was really not very well, but this cheered me up in the queue ...  read more ...

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