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When we first started out serving map tiles then, like a lot of people, we used GeoServer. But GeoServer is a lumbering beast of a Java application ...  read more ...



Last year I posted a photo of a benchmark on Milton parish church. On Saturday afternoon I was in Nairn high street with my camera and chanced across another one so took this photo. It's been pushed heavily to black and white (although it was pretty monochrome already).  read more ...


I was talking in my last blog post about how I'd bought a Garmin eTrex 10. This was mainly for two traditional GPS functions: track recording and route following as, according to Garmin, it's not got any mapping. Except that it does.  read more ...


When I'm walking I don't tend to navigate via GPS (although I do sometimes use one for track logging) as I still prefer a paper map but occasionally it's useful to be able to just double check your location by asking the GPS for the OSGB grid reference.  read more ...


Retrospective Geotagging

I've been playing with retrospectively geotagging photos today but I've already written about that here so here's a photo using it today. I put a GPS in my camera bag before I set out and then tagged the photo when I got back.


Ever on the lookout for new gizmos to waste my money on I was looking at a GPS device for my Nikon SLR today (Opteka GPN-1, only £34.61 from Amazon at the moment, bargain compared to Nikon's offering) and concluded in the end that it, and all the other similar units, were dubious as you had to have a cable flapping about between the GPS on your hotshoe and the socket on the side of the SLR.  read more ...


So over Christmas someone on the WalkLakes forum was muttering about how it would be good to be able to plan a walk along with a bus journey and we were talking about it and Beth said she'd seen on the interwebs a database of every bus stop in the UK.  read more ...


I was on bing today looking at Milton and, blimey, is the locations overlay poor. I've had to use a screen grab below as an embedded map doesn't include the overlay but take a look:  read more ...


As I'm sure you know pretty much all smartphones now have a GPS in but the problem if you want to use them to record a track is that it canes your battery. So you end up either piggy backing it with a battery pack or, if you're in the car, keeping it plugged into the charger.  read more ...


On Friday, the day before our day with the Gaffers, we sailed Serenity from Shotley Marina to Bradwell. I was skipper so, rather than using Jenny's fancy nav hardware, I used paper charts and relied on my Garmin Foretrex 101 wrist mounted GPX for position and bearing. It also records track so here's that track.  read more ...

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