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In the light of last night's cruise missile attack on Syria it's worth pausing to read some of The Donald's tweets which seem particularly relevant today. These two for example:  read more ...


There have been a couple of new stories over the last few days which illustrate two facets of the same issue.  read more ...


As the BBC and Sky don't think they can screen it the least I can do it embed it here:  read more ...


As of yesterday the score (if that's not too trite a word to use) was that the Israelis had killed 1,013 people and the Palestinians 13.  read more ...


I was pointed to this blog entry today putting the credit crunch bail out in the States in perspective alongside other big spends.  read more ...


Barack Obama's campaign team have posted a series of intimate pictures from election night on his Flickr page...  read more ...


I held off writing anything about Obama's victory yesterday, not least because listening to the coverage was making me angry. ...  read more ...


... to wibble today but I will say "good luck" to Obama - he's the president the US needs to give it back some dignity.


I've not been well today but that did give me the opportunity to watch the last 2.5 episodes of Commander in Chief.  read more ...


Thanks to Malcolm I've found a new way to while away a few hours. The TV series Commander in Chief stars Geena Davis ...  read more ...

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