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On Friday, the day before our day with the Gaffers, we sailed Serenity from Shotley Marina to Bradwell. I was skipper so, rather than using Jenny's fancy nav hardware, I used paper charts and relied on my Garmin Foretrex 101 wrist mounted GPX for position and bearing. It also records track so here's that track.  read more ...


Sailing with the Gaffers

Yesterday Jenny and I sailed Jenny's boat Serenity from Bradwell to Brightlingsea. Meanwhile the Old Gaffers Association 50th Jubilee Round Britain event was also on the Blackwater so we ended up mixing it with them. Lots more pictures here.


Relaxed Sailing

I do love this photo of me. It's taken on Jenny's boat Serenity a couple of years ago, probably with her phone. We were sailing from Wells-next-the-Sea to Woodbridge and this was on the day from Lowestoft to the mouth of the Deben when I was skippering. As there were only the two of us and Jenny was baking bread I was helming, with my feet, while peering at the chart.  read more ...


It's thirty years ago next week since two memorable rescues in hurricane conditions by RNLI crews. One, by the St Peter Port lifeboat, resulted in 29 people being rescued from the cargo vessel Bonita. The other, sadly, resulted in the loss of crew of both the Penlee lifeboat and the Union Star, the ship it had set out to help.  read more ...


I took the train down to Chichester today to take a look at Concerto, another Westerly Konsort. She looked fairly promising on paper - decent electronics, heating, lazy jacks: the sort of thing I wanted to add to any boat I bought. But it didn't go well.  read more ...


So sadly I'm not buying Katy Ann, the Westerly Konsort I put in an offer on about a month ago now. It's a long story but essentially the survey uncovered a long list of issues ...  read more ...


I've been seeing mutterings around the Net for a while now about the perils of putting your content on other people's servers. Of course user generated content was one of the core concepts of the whole Web 2.0 thaang. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.  read more ...

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