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You'll remember that we both got Kahtoola Microspikes before Christmas and I did actually get to use them in anger ...  read more ...


And so we prepare to say goodbye to yet another member of the Land Rover fleet. ...  read more ...


You may remember that we took Dougal the Discovery to Bedford last month to have its head sorted out. That cost us £2,400 ...  read more ...


We went to Leicester today. It was something of a serendipitous trip. We needed to get Dougal the Disco to Rogers of Bedford to have its head sorted out.  read more ...


I think perhaps I was premature yesterday but anyway let's turn to happier matters and fill in some of the gaps from the weekend.  read more ...


... which is lucky really because after this morning's trip to Rogers of Bedford Dougal the Discovery is now booked in for ...  read more ...


It's been a funny day: the morning and half the afternoon written off by a migraine, a random visit to Tesco yielded Johnny Cash "The Collection" for £1 ...  read more ...


It's time to part company with Aragorn our ex-military Landrover SIII Lightweight. It's had an unleaded conversion, is very low mileage, and very original.  read more ...


I see it's three weeks since my last confession posting - so much for posting here more often.  read more ...


  1. Take one six month old Honda Civic
  2. Add a young woman and three of her friends
  3. Drive into our quiet little road at a suitable speed
...  read more ...

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