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Only days after the rather unfortunate incident where the Grade II listed cottage opposite our house was hit by our neighbour comes news that All Saints', the parish church of Fleet in Hampshire where I grew up and where I worshipped and, latterly, took communion most Sundays was torched by a 16 year old two weeks ago.  read more ...


Oldham Christmas 2013

So as is (semi-) traditional my sibs and I gathered at my parents house yesterday with husbands, wives, children and dogs. Dad took a photo with his little compact which he's just emailed to me so here it is. I am still the tallest but Jamie is now over 6' and is only 16 so I may lose the crown shortly.


Back in June I wibbling on about my maternal grandfather Albert Cox's service history and how, if I jump through the right hoops and crossed the MoD's palm with silver they would send it to me. With my mother's and aunt's help I got the paperwork together and my mother wrote them a cheque and I sent it all off.  read more ...


This is rapidly turning into a voyage of discovery. You'll remember that I said that I said that I can get sight of my maternal grandfather Albert Cox's service history if I jump through the right hoops and cross the MoD's palm with silver, so I started looking into this.  read more ...


I was reminded today by something I was watching that I had my maternal grandfather's World War II medals tucked away somewhere. So I dug them out. They're still in the box they came in...  read more ...



We went to my parents yesterday for the day and to meet up with my sibs and my sister's children. I took photos in available light with my little EX1 with variable results but some of them came out OK, sometimes with a little post production.


Here's a little story I've mentioned to some people already but I keep forgetting to write down. My parents are of much the same age and were born and brought up only a couple of miles from each other ...  read more ...


One of the events that's happening this year is my Aunt Pauline's 65th birthday party and it suddenly gave me pause for thought: ...  read more ...


My phone rang as we sat in the restaurant tonight waiting for our main course to turn up. As I've remarked before I don't get many phone calls now ...  read more ...


When Ruth visited yesterday she gave me some pictures she took at Mom and Dad's golden wedding anniversary party back in March.  read more ...

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