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Last weekend, being our birthday weekend, saw me heading south to Cambridge and then afterwards on to Hampshire to see the family. ...  read more ...


Almost seven years ago now in August 2009 I wrote a post here taking the piss out of Thrifty Car and Van Rental and, unsurprisingly, I'd forgotten all about it.

Until today.  read more ...



I had to go into town today and went on the bus as my knee is playing me up. I was early so went for a coffee in Costa. Sitting outside I was tinkering with the NEX-6 and took a couple of photos of my cup from waist level just to see what came out. This one worked, and even better after I'd cropped it. Of course inevitably I pushed it to B&W, legitimately in this case I think as the red sign rather dominated the colour original.


Where am I?

This is actually largely a test of www.ifttt.com but while I'm at it perhaps people who live in the Cambridge area can tell me where I really was when I took this (the map, as is typical, is a bit off)?


Ah, the joys of rail franchises. They're planning a new "Cambridge Science Park" (really Cambridge North) railway station which will be a lot easier for me to get to on foot or bike than Waterbeach, the next station north of here. I went to a public meeting about it tonight and asked a question.  read more ...


It's been a while since I bought a dead tree book, a combination of the large backlog of unread books and the ease of buying e-books; but today while walking through the Grafton in Cambridge I noticed a new (to me at least) remaindered books shop and in the window they had some Peter Robinson books.  read more ...


Some of the gang went to Bletchley Park for the first vintage computer festival a couple of weeks ago ago. It was covered by BBC Click and they spotted Hugo standing in front of an Acorn sounding like he knew what he was talking about so persuaded him to do a piece to camera and he came out with a great metaphor for how writing software used to be.  read more ...

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