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In Praise of Ely

To Ely today by bus in search of all things porcine. I do love my sausages and sadly, the most excellent ones that Beth brought back from Keswick on her last trip up there are fast running out. Tesco's "finest" simply aren't ...  read more ...


Angel of Milton

I've been meaning to take a photo of this angel for ages.


Friday night's News Quiz on BBC Radio 4 included a little side bar by Mark Steel on the "Thought for the Day" segment of Radio 4's Today programme. You can hear it here:  read more ...


When I first listened to the reaction of MPs to the arrest of an MP and the search of his office at the House of Commons ...  read more ...


Our parish church in Milton is All Saints'. It's a nice little church, very old, bits of it are 13th century...  read more ...


Since I mentioned the atheist bus idea on Monday things have got a bit out of control. The news that they'd reached their target ...  read more ...


It looks like the Atheist Bus campaign is actually going to happen. The idea was proposed by the Adriane Sherine on The Guardian web site back in June.  read more ...

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