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I'm sure you're familiar with the "grandfather's axe" meme but my bike (the one I bought in summer 2016) is having a similar sort of journey.  read more ...


My trusty Tesco Hudl 2 died a little while ago. It was a bargain when I bought it and was an excellent 8" Android tablet. So I was left looking around for another and, as it happened, Amazon chose that week to launch the 2017 edition of the Amazon Fire HD 8.  read more ...


4/365 - The New Camera

The new camera arrived today. It's a Sony α7II and it's got a full frame 24Mpixel sensor so a step up from the NEX-6 in that regard which was 16MPixel APS-C but, most importantly, it's got in body image stabilisation, aka IBIS, which means all my old lens are suddenly able to work at much slower speeds. So this one, as you'll see, was shot at 1/13s hand held. There's no way I could do that with that lens on the NEX-6.


I have been wibbling on in the last few posts about my new tripod so I thought it was time I wrote a bit about it here. I've never owned a tripod before, although I do have a monopod. Instead I've relied on Beth's tripods. However even she acknowledges that they're not great.  read more ...


Continuing with my mission to make good use of my new carbon fibre tripod I headed out this evening to a nearby high point with a good view west down the Moray Firth towards Nairn town centre.  read more ...


First Aurora

Last night saw AuroraWatch UK declare an amber alert so armed with my trusty Sony NEX-6 with Beth's Samyang 12mm f/2 lens mounted on it, and a new carbon fibre tripod and an IR remote shutter release (yes, more new toys) we headed out to the nearest point with a clear view over the Moray Firth, which is only a short walk away.  read more ...


I was talking in my last blog post about how I'd bought a Garmin eTrex 10. This was mainly for two traditional GPS functions: track recording and route following as, according to Garmin, it's not got any mapping. Except that it does.  read more ...

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