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I've been a bit lax about writing about the move since my first post mainly because it's been a bit non-stop. Anyway, here's a brief overview.  read more ...


We're in the middle of doing the annual re-validation exercise of all the entries in the village directory for Milton, where we live. Not every organization we list quotes their subscription rates but some do and I've noticed some interesting rises this year so I started logging it in a spreadsheet.  read more ...


So yesterday was my birthday and, as I've done increasingly in recent years, I was having a birthday week and that day was off to Ely on the bus in search of amusement and pork burgers. As I left Pam, my 94 year next door neighbour, was opening the gates on her drive and said hello.  read more ...


Ordnance Survey Benchmark

You may have seen one of these before on your travels. This is the one on All Saints' church here in Milton. It's an Ordnance Survey benchmark, a type called a "cut mark" one, i.e. it's carved into the stone. If you look it up in their database it's 7.646m above sea level and 1.1m above the ground and it's a secondary mark. Last levelled in 1971. Verified in 1984.  read more ...


Photo projects are all the rage these days. Some people, like my friend Paul, bravely set out to take a photo every day for a year but I'm still scarred by the memory of doing blog365 some years ago so I wasn't going to fall into that trap. So instead I thought I'd try for something a little less onerous and instead take at least one photo of everything that flowered in our back garden in 2014.  read more ...


The Hug run a list server which hosts various lists both locally and nationally because it's the sort of thing we do for ourselves, our friends, our community and for organisations we support and, if you're reading this post, you may well be a subscriber to one or more of them.  read more ...


Processing 120 Negatives

I'd been loaded some old negatives, mainly 120 film format which I wanted to get scanned as they were from an old village family called Conder and there was a suspicion that they might be photos of the village we could add to the Milton Photo Archive.  read more ...

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