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We went to Inverness Tesco recently and I weakened and bought a Rankin Barmbrack and it was delicious, reminding me a lot of lardy cake (only without the sugar crust).  read more ...


In Praise of Ely

To Ely today by bus in search of all things porcine. I do love my sausages and sadly, the most excellent ones that Beth brought back from Keswick on her last trip up there are fast running out. Tesco's "finest" simply aren't ...  read more ...


Miranda Summer Light Shiraz I've wibbled on before to people about how, despite there being some very drinkable lowish alcohol rose wines about there are no reds worth drinking.  read more ...


I am notoriously bad at leaving food festering at the back of cupboards and treating use by dates as merely indicative if they're in months rather than precisely dated. ...  read more ...


I have made focaccia a couple of times before using Paul Hollywood's recipe from The Great British Bake Off. It's a lot of work doing it his way and messy too and we've speculated in the past that our bread machine might be able to help simplify things. ...  read more ...


It's a standing joke in our house that I'm not the world's biggest fan of broccoli and when I heard it mentioned on "Old Harry's Game" on BBC Radio 4 Extra I did this edit. The setting is Hell and main speaker is Mordecai, who was one of the writers of the Old Testament.  read more ...


One of the joys of being on anti-seizure meds is that I can't drink a lot. Officially I'm not meant to drink at all but like many people with epilepsy I still drink a bit. The rule of thumb I use, based on comments from other sufferers, is a maximum of the equivalent of one pint of beer every other day. If it's a mild (or at least sub 4%) I'll stretch that to 1.5 pints.  read more ...


I bought a "Willow Farm" chicken from Milton Tesco yesterday. Today Beth got it out of the fridge to roast it and got suspicious about the weight so she put it on our scales.  read more ...



So the discovery of the day, while shopping for ewes milk cheese for Beth (who also got a new cheese, Larceveau Ossau-Iraty) was this La Tournette Reblochon. Lovely stuff, reminds me a bit of Chaumes but more flavoursome.


I do like my pork, but as Beth can't eat it these days I don't eat a lot of it either, but if I do I like to but outdoor reared, as I figure at least that way they've had a good life outside until they're slaughtered. ...  read more ...

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