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46/365 - Gemini Explorer

Beth's post to Facebook sums up our outing today:  read more ...


Rydal Cave

Classic example of the best camera is the one that's with you. I really needed a better camera for this shot but at least my phone camera app will let me over and under expose so I was able to push the EV so I could see inside the cave a little while deliberately blowing out the entrance.


As I'm sure you know pretty much all smartphones now have a GPS in but the problem if you want to use them to record a track is that it canes your battery. So you end up either piggy backing it with a battery pack or, if you're in the car, keeping it plugged into the charger.  read more ...


We've had a rather excellent day here in Melrose. After a somewhat leisurely start (I got up at 8:45am and wandered down to the kitchen only to find no one there so I walked into Melrose to get some papers - there was someone up when I got back) we walked up the Eildon Hills to look at the view.  read more ...


We walked around Wicken Fen today, with the emphasis on around in that we circumnavigated it without going into the bit where they encourage you to pay £5.99 a pop.  read more ...


One Photographer Photographed ...

On our walk this afternoon while I was taking this photo of Beth with my Nokia 6760 phone Beth was taking a rather better one of me with her Nikon D60.  read more ...


After a long struggle the first public release of our mapping application, rewritten to use the Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace server is now online at last. As before it lets you browse the country using Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale maps and both create routes to download for use on your GPS and upload tracks from your GPS to see where you've been.  read more ...

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