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For historical reasons I "own" the Google Maps listing for Milton Country Park which means that when someone reviews it Google mail me (I think this a new thing, I don't remember them doing this in the past).  read more ...


The Hug run a list server which hosts various lists both locally and nationally because it's the sort of thing we do for ourselves, our friends, our community and for organisations we support and, if you're reading this post, you may well be a subscriber to one or more of them.  read more ...


Sigma 19mm F2.8 DN | A

My new prime lens for my Sony NEX-6 arrived yesterday. It's a Sigma 19mm F2.8 DN | A so in old money that's the equivalent of a 28.5mm lens on a film camera. So it's wide. It's also fast.  read more ...


Cambridge Park Run

I've been meaning to photograph Park Run for ages, ever since I took photos of the Cambridge Boundary Run, and this morning I finally got around to doing so. I stood half way down a ditch so my camera was close to their chest level and banged off 350 photos of which the best 48 are here on Flickr. This one is my favourite. Shame about the framing.


B&W in the Park #3

I took another shot at the memorial and today, having picked up a better gimp script from Beth's collection, I ran in through Ilford XP2 Super with a red filter and dropped the gamma 10% (all options on this script so you can do it in one hit, neat).


B&W in the Park #2

From the memorial I moved on to the climbing frame. This is a stack and I wanted to make this more abstract so used a harder red filter before going to Ilford XP2 Super B&W and tweaking the levels.


B&W in the Park #1

In this brief afternoon of sunshine I went in search of shadows and found some at the D-Day Memorial. This is processed with a moderate red filter, then faked to Ilford XP2 Super, and levels tweaked.

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