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We popped over to Stow cum Quy Fen today using the bridleway from the lay by just north of Horningsea for a short loop over to the Fen and back.  read more ...


We went over to the King's Forest after lunch today for a walk. It's a place we've been to before but generally for a bit of a route march. ...  read more ...


Well the air bed folded over sort of worked. A bit like sleeping on a wobbly jelly. But it'll do until Friday when we can buy another one from Oban on our way to Mull.  read more ...


Despite the day starting very murky we went for a walk south from Royston. This is one I planned some time ago but we didn't do for some reason ...  read more ...


An extraordinary thing happened during our walk yesterday. If you look at the map of our route you can see a yellow and a red pin.  read more ...

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