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Tenement Stairs

If you've ever lived to Edinburgh (or Glasgow too I suspect) then this is a shot you'll recognise.


Festival Time Again

I was at Edinburgh last weekend staying with friends for the festival so lots of things to photograph. You can find a selection of photos on our server or on tallpaul.org.


Edinburgh Fringe

I was in Edinburgh last weekend for the Fringe and took the new toy with me as it always presents some good photo opportunities, especially on the Royal Mile where people positively want to have a camera put in their faces and some even pose for you as these lovely ladies did. Lots more photos and one video here.


I have to admit that before I started on this trip I wondered whether it was wise trying to come back on Sunday. Normally I avoid travelling by train on Sunday in order to avoid engineering works and the dreaded rail replacement buses.  read more ...


So today a repeat of my favourite train journey: up the east coast main line to Edinburgh. And as extra icing on the cake as we pottered along from Ely to Peterborough the Welney Washes were awash and glittering in the sun. Magnificent! ...  read more ...


We had decided on a trip to Edinburgh today so after another hearty breakfast at the Harbour Café we caught the bus to Berwick. ...  read more ...


I'm back on the train again, this time about to head south for home and a wife with red hair (she was a natural blond when I left!). ...  read more ...


I'm just back from a pleasant afternoon at Fringe Sunday. ...  read more ...


I'm on my way to the Edinburgh festival and I'm travelling my favourite way: first class on GNER up the east coast main line. This has to be the best main line service going...  read more ...


An old friend of mine, Caroline, got married last weekend. Caroline and I have known each other since 1979 when we were both at King's and we've kept in touch ever since. There's lots of photos online here.  read more ...

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