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As most people know by now Jake was taken from us very unexpectedly on Saturday afternoon. Beth wrote a very eloquent obituary and I don't think there's much I can add except that every time I read it I want to cry again. But I did dig out this photo, a crop of which is currently my avatar all over the place. It was taken by Beth on 5th May and I do like it: one man and his dog.


I was lucky enough to do my degree at King's College, Cambridge and one of the consequences of that is that you get sent a copy of the Annual Report every year. ...  read more ...


I'm ridiculously sad this morning, close to tears in fact, because of a cartoon character.  read more ...


My phone rang as we sat in the restaurant tonight waiting for our main course to turn up. As I've remarked before I don't get many phone calls now ...  read more ...


Cambridge News today has an article about Milton villager Gordon Laurie, who died recently. Gordon was the first chairman of the children's hospice trustees ...  read more ...


I heard today that one of my favourite teachers died yesterday. In the course of a school life you have lots of teachers and only a few will stand out...  read more ...


Didn't sleep at all well last night. See yesterday for why I suspect. Ho hum. So I've meandered about today and done little of any use. We did go for a walk this afternoon ...  read more ...


Our dog Tilly had cancer in her right front leg which, after two operations to remove the cancer, ended up with her loosing her right leg early this year.  read more ...

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