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As 2009 comes to an end I've been looking back over the last year. ...  read more ...


We bumped into some old friends of ours in the park today: Cassie and Mitch, along Flo with the newest member of their pack.  read more ...


And so, having finished our joint boating odyssey we move on swiftly to week two of our break.  read more ...


So after my somewhat foreshortened sailing trip what happened next you're asking?  read more ...


Beth got home from Scotland late last night after a week at Glenmore Lodge improving her navigation skills. ...  read more ...


Beth's been watching Helicopter Heroes via BBC iPlayer for the last couple of weeks so it seems appropriate that we had a visit today. ...  read more ...


It's our third wedding anniversary today. To be honest we'd both forgotten until late afternoon....  read more ...

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