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I hesitate to comment on other people's verbal tics because I know I've got a few myself but I was half listening to BBC Five Live's "Breakfast" show last Friday and heard this just before 7am. It's an interview with Maria Catalano who is the world's top woman snooker player. Take a listen:  read more ...


I glanced at my diary this morning and saw that today is the 20th anniversary of my first epileptic fit and for some reason that reminded me that whenever I talk about this I conscious try not to refer to myself as "an epileptic". But then I thought about it some more, and (as Mark Kermode would say) here's the thing: I do refer to myself as "a migraineur".  read more ...


The grocer, specifically the greengrocer, often seems to get ribbed for his use of the apostrophe. And there's some truth in it: I'm sure you've all seen the grocer on the market selling "carrot's" and "pot's".  read more ...


So, while bored waiting for the man flu to go away I've been reading the instructions on these Strepsils Extra. They claim that the dose is one "every three hours as required" but goes on to say "Do not take more than 12 lozenges in any 24 hour period". Huh?  read more ...


Of a what? Well, before you continue to read this posting I'd like you to pause and ask yourself how you spell the D word which is coming next ...  read more ...


I found a Slate article mentioned by robhague today on Twitter rather reassuring. Although I don't really share the author's anger over the habit of many people of putting two spaces are a full stop ...  read more ...


A brief discussion on Twitter with robhague reminds me it really is time I ranted briefly about the use of "author" as a verb. ...  read more ...

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