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I spent some time yesterday added the ability to tag articles in Opus so I'm now working through all my old posting tagging them ... this may take some time.


On second thoughts I've dumped the first paragraph of today's posting as a because, as we know, a blog is not a diary but here's some more to chew on.  read more ...


Well, today it's six months since I started blogging every day inspired, at least in part, by blog365 but Google Analytics suggests that no one's reading it...  read more ...


10pm, a very fine roast lamb summer and some Australian rosé inside me and I'm lost for words, which is not good since I'm meant to be blogging now. ...  read more ...


For those who follow this blog via Facebook (yes, both of you) you may have wondered what was going on with my "status" last night.  read more ...


Lots of bits and bobs to report today as I'm catching up so here goes. Firstly I took some video while at Fawber which is all now online...  read more ...


It's Good Friday and we're in the Yorkshire Dales. One side effect of which is that although I've got Internet access I'm not making a daily blog posting on our web site as I don't want people to know we're both away on holiday. ...  read more ...

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