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I got up at 5am today for to go to the loo (which for us boys means going outside and finding a bit of dry stone wall) to find that more snow had come down in the night. Not a huge amount ...  read more ...


We did a nice little walk on land around Wimpole Hall today, starting at the hall, walking to Kingston and then back via Eversden Wood and the folly. ...  read more ...


Today we walked from Radwinter to Thaxted and back. It was a lovely day for early January...  read more ...


Well, we finally made it into The New York Times after their visit before Xmas. The article is online here but that link will only work for a few days so here's the text below ...  read more ...


If you read my article about TV licensing you will know I've had a little spat with them this Autumn ...  read more ...


Someone pointed out to me last week that I'd not mentioned here that we have a new dog. ...  read more ...

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